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4 months ago

Are You Thinking Of Morocco Travel To Find The Rewarding Experience?

Morocco is a melting pot of cultures and a joy to discover. Why not see for yourself and take a journey to a very special country. Morocco is a very safe country with an ancient tradition of hospitality so travelers feel secure and very welcome. The physical beauty and cultural brilliance together with an extensive tourist infrastructure of exquisite modern hotels, resorts; and excellent guides makes Morocco one of the most exciting and fulfilling travel destinations in the world. Morocco Travel is fascinating and alluring, and adventurous travellers who make the effort to experience Morocco in all its confusing glory will be endlessly rewarded.

Live Beauty Of Morocco Travel

Majestic Atlas mountains, Sahara desert safari, iniquitous adventure sports, top hiking trails, cultured cities, a vibrant arts scene and some of the friendliest folk you'll find in the world make Morocco a top destination to visit all year round. The face of Morocco is a shifting tableau. The Morocco Travel varies dramatically throughout the country. Broad peaceful beaches give way to lively gem like cities perched around and among rolling green hills and ragged peaks which then descend into the heaving expanse of the Sahara Desert. Historically, such variation fostered strong tribal affiliations over national unity.

Enlightenment Of Morocco Travel

It is the colors that are most striking in Morocco. Morocco Travel provides a huge variety of dazzlingly beautiful landscapes. The rich red of the buildings in Marrakech, the golden sand in the Sahara Desert, and the brilliant green décor of the plates lining the souks. There is the azure blue of the ocean, and a fusion of all in the bright Berber rugs. Morocco is magical and is just waiting to be discovered. Morocco has beautiful beaches from Agadir along the coast to Tangier and to Essaouira. With its easy accessibility, this country sees its fair share of tourists, but it's still not hard to find places that remain untouched by the tourist dollar.

Morocco Travel with MOROCCO EXCURSION offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the very best it has to offer.  We are specialized in organizing private tailor made Morocco tours such as morocco desert tours, morocco camel trekking tours, morocco imperial cities tours and morocco private and shared tours. All our tours to Morocco are accompanied by expert guides which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of arranging accommodation and transport between destinations yourself.

Whether you're planning a short journey in Morocco or a multi-centre holiday intriguing in the varied landscape and cities of Morocco, Morocco Travel give the best experience you will treasure forever.


5 months ago

The Amenities Of Morocco Travel Agency Offer The Great Pictures Of Morocco

Morocco is a country of contrasts with a rich and strong cultural past which creates the perfect travel destination. The best way to discover the richness of Morocco is to book Morocco Travel Agency. You can choose through our large range of excursions and tours, or feel free to customize your circuits regarding to your special interests and needs. Indeed, you can have a custom tour in the Sahara desert, in the imperial cities, in the countryside of Morocco or in the Atlantic coast, or in the Atlas Mountains.

The Moroccan scenery is surprisingly rich and diverse. It is a combination of sand, water and snow. The south coast extends to the limits of the Western Sahara, while in the north; most people live in the villages set along the hillsides of the Atlas Mountains, often covered in snow. Morocco is a country steeped in myths and legend and offers travelers the opportunity to experience a rich history and culture that continues to strongly influence daily life. Morocco Travel Agency offers visitors the chance to cross the desert atop a camel, sleep in a hotel made of sand and haggle with aggressive spice and rug traders in marketplaces that look and feel like they are from another time in history.

Planning a natural trip in Morocco can be a lot of fun. So Morocco Travel Agency is providing you the best travel services including the travel to Morocco. You have a wide choice of hotels available that fits your needs: Enjoy best prices for your holiday stays, circuits etc. Their offers are presented with total transparency through which they invite you to live and experience the authentic Morocco. They offer mid-priced tours, customized private tour packages, camel treks and affordable luxury Morocco tours for individuals and small groups as well as incentives and corporate events. Also they can book your trip and other Morocco travel arrangements starting any day of the year, any length of time, from almost anywhere in Morocco.

For your trip to Morocco, MOROCCO EXCURSION offers from super cheap sensationalism to upscale are offered by our agency, our competitive prices reflect not only negotiated rates for services provided, but also the added value of the exclusive nature of our projects and creations. We offer Moroccan tour packages like Sahara Desert tours, Imperial Cities tours, the Atlantic Coast tours, Camel Trekking tours, Morocco Desert Tours and travel packages to all the major cities in Morocco.

Get the best affordable and luxurious Moroccan Travel Packages in Morocco. Be sure to book the best travel deals with Morocco Travel Agency to discover an amazing destination.

5 months ago

Enjoy Morocco Desert Tours To Get The Exciting Charm In Morocco

Morocco is truly a breathtaking place to visit. It has been one of the world’s best kept traveler’s secrets. You will experience a totally new world in Morocco, with the grand loneliness and silence of the Sahara desert. It’s no wonder that desert tours are such a popular holiday option. Start Morocco Desert Tours to explore the desert is one of the best things in lifetime of a traveller. There a various ways in which to play in the sand. There is nothing around you and all you can hear are the footsteps of the camel on the soft sand. If you are intending to go on a desert trip to Morocco, then you can get here handful options of beautiful places for sightseeing purposes.

Morocco desert trips might be one thing that people think about when considering a visit to this interesting county but it is only one option from many. Exploration of Morocco wouldn’t be complete without including a Morocco Desert Tours and at least a night stay in one of the fabulous Sahara desert dunes. With Desert Tours you can explore and enjoy all that Morocco has to offer, visiting the beautiful Atlantic coast, exploring the historic imperial cities, hiking the high Atlas Mountains or camel trekking the sand dunes of the Sahara and sleeping in the desert beneath a stunning canopy of stars in our traditional nomad bivouac camp.

If you want to feel the uniqueness of Africa, then choose Morocco Desert Tours. Whether you want to travel Morocco to tour the desert, take a camel trek to see the stars in the Sahara; explore the Imperial Cities of Casablanca, Meknes and Rabat; go shopping in the colorful souks of Marrakech and Fez, tour UNESCO world heritage sights, trek the Atlas Mountains, surf the Atlantic Ocean coastlines or relax in a traditional hammam, Morocco Desert Tours can make it happen. Through this trip traveler get a smooth way for the occurrence of positive and beautiful life in Morocco.

MOROCCO EXCURSIONS create private customized Morocco desert holidays to suit your requirements and interests. Whether you are a lone traveler looking to travel safely and meet new people, a couple on a romantic getaway or a small group of friends, we can take you anywhere you want to go. Tell us what you want to see, what you want to do, what you want to experience and Morocco Desert Tours will make it ensue.

With Morocco Desert Tours, you will able to explore the wonderful beginning point of an African adventure. So plan a desert tour to travel around Morocco which will bring something unique towards your life.

6 months ago

Choose Morocco Tours To Get The Feelings Of Moroccan Culture

Morocco is a land of rich blend of culture, history and stunning scenery. If you want to explore this intriguing country, Uncover an exotic mix of imperial cities, bustling souks, striking landscapes, spicy aromas and a kaleidoscope of culture in Morocco, all awaiting discovery. Morocco is a mouth watering holiday destination unlike any other. The allure of Morocco is in its humming bazaars, diverse landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisine. From fringing seas to desert sands, unearth the diversity that is Morocco. Here you can often see bright shooting stars in the dark night sky. Morocco Tours feels like a world away.

Enjoy Morocco and discover the many faces of this extraordinary land. With enchanting imperial cities, impressive Ait Benhaddou, with its starring role in a number of famous movies, and the laid back Atlantic coast in Essaouira, Camel trek across the Sahara, bed down in a Berber camp, discover unspoilt kasbahs, lose yourself in the labyrinthine alleyways off Marrakech's famed Djemaa el Fna Square and travel back in time to wander through the ancient medina of medieval Fes, Morocco tours offer the chance to explore this fascinating country.

Morocco surfing or chill out on the coast, or throw you into the history, culture and hustle and bustle of Moroccan life by visiting their Imperial cities; there really is something for everyone! During your Morocco Tours you can take a camel trek into the desert and camp under the stars, discover the cosmopolitan coastal town of Casablanca with its art deco city centre and lose yourself in the labyrinthine markets of the medieval medina of Fez before a visit to its vibrantly colored dye pits. Your senses will be fully stimulated while travelling through Morocco. The tanneries of Fes with their smelly dye baths, the souk with its perfumes and spices, Morocco are a feast of smells!

Welcome to MOROCCO EXCURSION. We are the travel agency of morocco. We make the total tour according to the needs of the travelers. We provide Marrakech Tours and Excursions, Fes Tours and Excursions, Merzouga Camel Treks and Desert Tours, Morocco Imperial Cities Tours, Ouarzazate Tours and Excursions, and Agadir Tours and Excursions. We have also camel treks and desert tours like Camel trekking in Merzouga for one night in desert Camel trekking in Merzouga for two nights in desert, etc. 

If you look to go travelling in Morocco, Choose Morocco Tours and be assured of an unforgettable adventure! Ancient imperial cities, the Sahara and the beautiful Atlas mountains are the main attractions providing the breathtaking moments during your Morocco tour. Get more information by visiting our face book page @

6 months ago

Enjoy Morocco Desert Tours To Get The Exciting Charm In Morocco

7 months ago

Choosing Morocco Camel Trekking To Experience Exotic Adventure


Morocco is home to many attractions and beautiful landscapes that are worth seeing. The country boosts a rich culture, lifestyle and history. Morocco stands to be a must see destination, due to the outstanding tours advantages it provides for travelers. Camel trekking is not only a fun activity for tourists, but is a part of the tradition of the country as travelers have used camels as a form of transport for centuries. Morocco Camel Trekking can give visitors a chance to experience the enduring culture of the desert dwellers. Following in their footsteps is an unforgettable experience, and visitors will have a few options to choose from.

For decades, Morocco has been one of the most stunning destinations in the World. Experience a unique journey by combining nature and culture in one trip. Explore the Morocco Camel Trekking in Sahara Desert Dunes. As soon as you reach the desert you will be amazed by the sea of sand with dunes that reach beyond the horizon. The feeling of complete silence and solitude is overwhelming. Camel trekking tour has all the ingredients for a breathtaking unforgettable adventure and a truly nomadic experience. It’s like travelling back to a different age. Morocco’s broad range of climates is a blessing for trekkers. Whichever you choose, camel trekking is often the highlight of any visit to Morocco.

Experience the camel trekking adventure in Morocco’s most dramatic desert landscapes. Morocco Camel Trekking takes you straight into the Moroccan Sahara region where there is nothing around you and all you can hear are the footsteps of the camels on the sand. It is a journey well worth the effort to discover the magic of Morocco, the Sahara desert, centuries old Kasbahs and the beautiful oases covered with lush palms, and Berber villages and the Sahara desert with its sandy dunes and the million stars. This is a very peaceful experience and a journey well worth the effort in which you will have fond memories to last you forever.

With MOROCCO EXCURSIONS, you can explore and enjoy all morocco has to offer, visiting various places, hiking the high atlas mountain and camel trekking at the sand dunes of Sahara etc. We organize a Morocco camel trekking to visit the Sahara desert in Morocco which is definitely an amazing experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. It is a very peaceful experience.

The pleasure of Morocco Camel Trekking is recently found by the travelers which is an amazing adventure on the immense Sahara. This country is an unlimited & mysterious place where everyone tries to discover the hidden dunes through camel trekking. 

7 months ago

Explore Morocco Tours For A Truly Delightful Travel Experience

Kingdom of Morocco is situated in North Africa with coast in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Morocco is a land of myth and modernity, legends and rich culture. Visiting brings you into another world; one that is filled with history, incomparable scenery, and some of the most hospitable, charming, and curious people in the world. Morocco Tours is magical; not only provide a picturesque and rich environment, it is filled with royal cities, intriguing architecture, and always a sense of life lived more vibrantly and colorfully. Visiting the country Morocco is an amazing experience, where you can learn the country's most beautiful culture and heritage.

Morocco has all the ingredients to be considered one of the best holiday destinations in the world, and is thought of as much by the thousands of travellers who visit the country every year. With its spicy souks, sizzling sunshine and sultry atmosphere, Morocco Tours is a feast for the senses. Morocco has many areas located off the main roads that can easily turn visitors around. There are also various cities, with their old medinas, tourist shops and less than savory sections. The unique art and living history of Morocco give you exciting opportunities for travelers, students and even for those people who want to enjoy the beauty of the country with their families.

Morocco is a place of beauty. The beauty of the land is the one that attracts tourists to that place from all over the world. There are many exciting cities, the oldest is called, Fes. Fes is the heart of Morocco. Morocco Tours is full of history and culture. The city of Marrakech is full of heritage and culture. This city has much to offer for its tourists. If you want to explore this city, then the best season in which you can roam around with ease is the season of spring and autumn. This city keeps its visitors very busy. The Western part is full of snow. There are the Atlas Mountains on that side of Morocco.

MOROCCO EXCURSIONS will take you to Morocco's most beautiful places, with itineraries that allow you to explore and discover hidden gems. We will also help you discover and realize your desert desires and dreams. We will share our knowledge and love of our country and its rich history with you of course. Our tours are expertly crafted to embrace the standout highlights of Morocco along with hidden gems and plenty of time at leisure to make your own discoveries.

Discover the exotic gateway to Africa with Morocco Tours. Wherever you travel in Morocco, you make sure that all your Morocco luxury travels are authentic, innovative and utterly unforgettable.

1 year ago

Exciting Things To Do During Your Morocco Tours

Morocco is a destination that encompasses beautiful, but sometimes lengthy drives. Our new itinerary has been successful in reducing those long drives to a minimum, and has increased the opportunities for off-the-beaten-path experiences. You are very proud of Morocco tour and can’t wait for you to experience it! Morocco offers an unparalleled cultural and natural diversity that, combined with its unbeatable hospitality, great roads, beautiful architecture, and superb cuisine, provides one of the greatest travel experiences in the world today.


Morocco provides an exotic cultural encounter and a superb range of varied landscapes for groups to visit, year round. The cities of Marrakech, Essaouira and Ouazarzate will introduce groups to bustling markets, food stalls and a vibrant street nightlife of music and performance. Groups on this expedition can travel to an array of varied landscapes in six regions from arid and desert experiences to high-mountain treks or to explore the country's deep and fertile gorges.


Morocco has become a very popular site for many tourists from many different countries. Morocco Tours take you on a journey through history, culture and incredible, ever diverse landscapes. Morocco lies between the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Europe and Africa and hence has always been a land of exchanges and encounters of culture and history and has always had a somewhat mysterious image which has held the deception of travellers. You will delight in the exceptional natural and cultural heritage, the people, the food and the vivid colours of this country which are a photographer’s Mecca. Whatever experience it is you want to get out of travelling, a Morocco Tour has it all.


Morocco is a country rich with history, culture and stunning, dramatic scenery and a Morocco Tour with MOROCCO EXCURSIONS offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the very best it has to offer.  We are specialized in organizing private tailor made Morocco tours. All our travels to Morocco are accompanied by expert guides which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of arranging accommodation and transport between destinations yourself. We are specialized in organizing private tailor made Morocco tours such as morocco desert tours, morocco camel trekking tours, morocco imperial cities tours and morocco private and shared tours.


Start a trip to Morocco if you are looking for an unforgettable experience. To explore Morocco you only need to get ready to wake up your senses and get ready for an amazing and a beautiful time in a culture. So discover the magic of a rich culture with Morocco Tours. 

1 year ago

Essential Things To Know Before Your Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco is boasting incredibly diverse topography that includes a sea coast, a mountain range and desert is in fact packed with adventure opportunities that will not only test your fitness and endurance but also afford the kind of experience rarely affiliated with this North African culture powerhouse. This is a country of extremes based at the northern edge of the African continent. From the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains to the dry sand of the Sahara Desert, Morocco is an energetic mix of culture and geographical interest. Its close proximity to Europe gives a diverse population with Arabic influences as well as the traditional Berber culture. Now a popular tourist destination Morocco is a unique place, a geographers dream.


Few things are more amazing in this world than falling asleep underneath the seemingly infinite stars that illuminate the midnight sky in an oasis nestled between the ever-expansive dunes of the legendary Sahara Desert. Wake up with the sun and watch it softly rise atop a mountain of sand, alongside newfound friends, taking in one beautiful ray at a time. Then hop on a dune-board and surf your way down to a Berber camp, jump on a camel, and ride through the vast, amazing desert back to a four star hotel for a dip in the pool and a cool drink to quench your thirst.


You will get a true sample of the extremes of this land on the Morocco Desert Tours. Travel from the heart of the Atlas Mountains by river sampling scenery few people get to experience. Along the way, you'll have gourmet food in spectacular surroundings. After your river journey, we'll return to Marrakech to take in all that this fascinating city has to offer. We'll journey to the Sahara desert, the scene of so many great movies to the heart of the desert. Here you'll ride camels and sleep under the stars miles taking in the peace and serenity of this magical place. Morocco will surprise you in so many ways, but its variety of landscapes is illustrated perfectly on this trip.


Welcome to Morocco desert, MOROCCO EXCURSIONS would like to welcome you to Morocco on an enjoyable journey of discovery into the wonderful art, Morocco desert tours, culture, and history of Morocco. A cultural Morocco Desert Tours can take you through many cities of the country. We are local to Morocco, and can arrange short or long morocco desert trips, including a variety of city, regional or desert areas as you desire.


No holidays in Morocco are complete without experiencing its amazing and unspoiled nature. If you are looking for an exciting vacation in Morocco, or planning a fun desert vacation, don’t go any further.

1 year ago

Morocco Travel Agency Tips For Your Next Holiday

Morocco is home to many attractions and beautiful landscapes that are worth seeing. The country boosts a rich culture, lifestyle and history. From a wonderful history that marks iconic empires along thousands of years, to a melting pot culture that joins all what is humanly made. Morocco stands to be a must-to-see destination, due to the outstanding tours advantages it provides for travelers. Unveil the mystery of exotic Morocco, the kingdom of unique sights and experience with the Morocco Travel Agency.


Morocco is your premier choice for travel. With the Travel Agency in Morocco, you can discover the magic of a sunset over the Sahara, or the colorful carnival of whirling dervishes, fire-eaters and magic makers in Marrakech. Explore the hidden secrets of the ancient Imperial cities where labyrinthine souks hold pyramids of rainbow-colored spices, fruit and olives. Follow in the very same steps of the ancient Romans whose elaborate mosaics and ruins remain today. Or find yourself traveling along the rugged path of Berbers heading to a traditional mountain festival. Plan your trip or your family vacation to make your Morocco trip as utterly unforgettable and enjoyable as the kingdom itself.


For your Morocco holiday, Morocco Travel Agency offer custom accommodations ranging from luxurious boutique style hotels in the cities to rugged Berber tents in the desert, whatever you desire, to make your Morocco tour the trip of a lifetime. Traveling to Morocco for a Morocco Holiday, Customized Tour or a Private Travel experience through a Travel Agency will ensure that you discover the best of Morocco. All the Morocco attractions can be enjoyed by you when you are in tune with the schedule managed by your Morocco travel agency. 


MOROCCO EXCURSIONS is full services morocco travel agency, offering customized private tours and adventure travel to morocco with private guided. Make the best vacation packages in morocco from us at affordable rates. We are an experienced and a premier travel agency in Morocco specializing in organizing trips and excursions in the area. We offer cheap morocco holidays, tours to morocco and morocco luxury holidays packages. Discover the beauty of the sunset in the desert, or the colorful carnival of fire eaters and magic makers in Marrakech with us.


So whether you wish to travel to Morocco by selecting one of the Morocco tours or you desire to custom-design your own Morocco holiday, Morocco Travel Agency will be there to provide you an enjoyable trip.